Meet The Estie Babe

Welcome babe! I’m Kaitlyn, the founder and owner of The Estie Babe. I initially started my business with a passion in skincare, but quickly recognized my greater purpose is to empower my client’s self-esteem, acceptance, and love through achieving healthy skin.

I realize skin health goes way beyond the surface because when struggling with skin concerns, it truly affects our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. This is why I’m a certified acne expert and specialize in anti-aging services to help you achieve your desired skin goals.

I truly believe when we feel better on the outside, we’re able to spiritually align with our most authentic self and live a life of abundance. So as The Estie Babe, I’m your skinspiration to being authentically you!

What to expect

Since the skincare field is constantly evolving, I focus on bringing the very best services and products to my business for my clients. So, outside the treatment room, I spend an abundance of time and energy growing my skill set by engaging in higher esthetic education trainings.

I also focus on ingredient knowledge, understanding the science behind product development, and how the skin reacts to new technology. That’s why I am very selective when choosing skincare brands for my professional treatments and products, and I’m happy to be partnered with the best brands at the highest quality including SkinBetter Science, Hydrafacial, Glymed Plus, BioSkin Aesthetics, Face Reality, Vivant, and AnteAge. 

As I continue to grow my business, my goal is (and always will be) to connect with individuals who are eager to obtain healthier skin and strengthen their confidence. I bring awareness to the fact that results take time and consistency, but the payout is worth the work! So, if you’re ready to get started on your skin journey, then I invite you to check out my services, schedule a consultation, and hope to welcome you into my treatment room very soon! 

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